Whatever happened to …

… dialup internet access?

You know you’ve been around for quite a while if you have an answer to this!

In today’s society with DSL, wireless, cable, fibre internet access, it may be difficult to believe that there was a time when you had a device connected to your computer (or built into you computer) that connected to a telephone line to make connection to online services.

It may be connecting to Bulletin Boards (does anyone remember Essex Wildcat!) or to a service that connected you to the bigger internet with all that it offered.  By today’s standards, connections were slow but that didn’t really matter.  Most everything was text based; no big fancy jpg, png, gif graphics here.  The truly creative created this with ASCII characters on their keyboard.

Much as we enjoy how we’re connected and how fast it is, it’s still not available everywhere.  If you follow some providers on Twitter, you’ll see an internet provider’s service compared to “dialup speeds” at times!  But, what about those who can’t get the service that we’re so used to?  You have to look long and hard to find any provider that will let you dial in via a telephone line.  Most of us just take it for granted but it’s a real estate agent’s nightmare to confess that the house of your dreams is in an area with no way to get connected to the internet.  But, there’s the library in town.  Oh, and Tim Horton’s.

For this Sunday, what are your thoughts.

  • Did you cut your internet teeth on a dialup connection?
  • Do the numbers 300, 1200, 2400, 28.8, 56K mean anything to you?
  • How about the company names Hayes, USRobotics?
  • What did you do (or what will you do) with that modem?

Please take a moment and share your thoughts with us.

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