So, what’s new?

I know that it was an exciting day yesterday for most educators.  The truly great thing about teaching is that you get a do-over every new school year.

It might be:

  • a new school
  • a new classroom
  • a new principal
  • a new job in education
  • new students
  • new equipment
  • a new coat of paint
  • new flooring

How about you finishing the list?

Did your new item make the news like the opening of the new Leamington District Secondary School?

Via comment below, please take a moment to add 1-3 or more new things that will impact you as an educator in the upcoming new year.

And, don’t be like a kid.

What did you do at school today?


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4 thoughts on “So, what’s new?

  1. Okay, I’ll start adding. We have …

    1) New parents.
    2) A new prep schedule.
    3) A new teacher on our Kindergarten team: a team of two classrooms is now a team of three.

    It’s interesting to stop and consider the new. I hope some other people add to your list.


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  2. New..
    Families to work with.
    Physical set up of the classroom
    opportunities for collaboration
    Team of educators
    Approach to tech for collaborating for assessment
    Learning needs

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  3. We don’t start classes until Monday … but in the background we have a new Director of Teaching Innovation who comes from our Music Department, bringing a new perspective and really different voice to our academic leadership.
    And, in my role, we get “new” every month, week & day as updates continually roll out and we have to change a little bit. OneNote has new special-ed capabilities, Excel now co-authors, Desmos is now programmable, etc


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