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It was a workshop a long time ago.

The Ministry of Education had just licensed Microsoft Publisher for all schools.  Fact check me, please.  I think it was version 2.0a.  Anyway…

I had done a presentation to principals to introduce the product and suggest that there were other, more attractive ways, of creating documents than their trusty old text editor, er, word processor.

It was kind of fun although when you have a group of principals, you never truly know if the message would make an impact.  After all, I was just an agenda item on a long meeting.

I was surprised when I got a followup from one of the elementary school principals.  He wanted to book me for an upcoming professional development day to do a hands-on activity with his teachers.

The activity?  He wanted each teacher to customize and create their own stationery.  That way, he thought each classroom could have its own unique identity for those classroom letters that went home.  So, I agreed.

The first hurdle was to find enough computers for the staff of 25 so we booked a lab at the high school and had the teachers log in with generic accounts.  This was so, so long ago.

We had fun with Microsoft Publisher.  There were a couple of folks that had already gone off the deep end and want to know why we were using this instead of a “real” publisher like the Adobe Products.

Uh, because it’s free?  Uh, because it’s licensed and accessible enough for all students?

We actually had a great deal of accidental learning along the way.  I still smile when people realized that there was more that a computer could do than use the Arial font!  I still frown when they discovered Comic Sans and it became the default everywhere.  We learned about changing colours, font sizes, and so much more.  Importantly, we learned how to save a file and find it afterwards.

But the real fun became when we discovered the drawing tools.  At that point, we were busy drawing things and quickly they all wanted to create their own classroom logo.  Well, my work here is done.

All this came back when I ran into this article.

11 Tested Websites To Design Stunning Logos Online for Free

I spent a great deal of time poking around and looking at different approaches to a logo editor.  I also worked at distinguishing between free and premium features.  At the Logo Type Maker site, I quickly “designed” this.


Then, I thought that the concept of the stationery design might be worth revisiting for some.  After all, you have your blog, email address, instagram account, mailing address, classroom phone number, wiki, website, etc.  Why not design a logo that incorporates all of this and is reinforced each time something is sent home to the parents?  Or, if you’re not into paper all that much, why not a design for your internet presence?  After all, the concept of stationery has evolved with all that we have at our fingertips.

Another site to add to the collection. Logo Maker

Your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Your new logo

  1. I love this idea, Doug, and am definitely going to check it out. I rarely use paper in my personal or professional life — no surprise there 🙂 — but I like the idea of having this logo for electronic communication. Does this just go back to the idea of “branding” — and how we’re known online — which you’ve blogged about before. I wonder if the image just further reinforces this brand and makes it easier to remember for the many “visual” people out there. I’m curious to hear what others think and what they plan to do.



  2. I’m horrible at graphic design so this post hits home for me. In the past, I’ve had great success using for logo designs… can’t argue with a few different logo designs for 5$. They created a logo for my competitive BBQ in a bunch of different formats. Also had another designer do 10 video Intro-outro sequences for my vlogs that I planned on using. The extras sometimes cost a bit more (like getting the psd or ai files) but it’s all clear on each page.

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  3. Even with a good took one still needs some artistic ability to create a great logo. Or so I excuse myself for not having created one. I would like one. For now though I will stick with a signature hat avatar for social media identification.

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