This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It’s time to get excited as we take a weekly tour around the province and check out the great things from the blogs of Ontario Educators.

There’s a great deal of inspiration to help with getting prepared for a return to the classroom next week.

Superman (It’s Not Easy To Be Me)

This is a post not to be read quickly or even just once.  Take your time and really understand the message that Laurie Azzi shares.

She tells a story of two teachers, one being her, being hired in Ottawa and a year later the other had left the profession.  There’s a turn that involves “His euphoric feelings of the new job, verge-of-greatness, and world-his-for-the-taking had morphed to dread, anxiety and fear. ”

It’s not a happy story and may well have you opening your eyes to look behind the “mask” that all teachers wear.

Thanks, Laurie for this poignant reminder that we all need to take care of one another.

Top 5 Defining Teaching Moments

Jonathan So offers a very interesting post here.

Although on the younger end of the teaching spectrum, Jonathan has taken the time to reflect on what has made him the teacher that he is today.  He identifies five points, two of which are:

  • Constructivist teaching
  • My Daughter (Izzy) going to school

Click through to read the rest of his list.

5 realizations that defined me as a teacher

Truth time here.  I actually read Jim Cash’s post before Jonathan’s although chronologically Jonathan’s came first.

Jim takes on the topic and offers five realizations of his own.

  • Teaching grade one made me (professionally speaking)
  • My children changed my teaching for the better

Again, visit Jim’s blog to catch all five.

And, like Jonathan, he takes time to elaborate on each of the points to give us the big picture.

Thank you both, gentlemen, for starting the ball rolling.  I’m going to write a post of my own inspired by this concept.

I will right now, challenge any and all bloggers reading this, to write a post of your own and tag Jonathan and Jim to let them know what they’ve started.

Why bring a prototype technology to an #edtech conference?

That’s the question that Tim King asks.

My knee jerk reaction was “Why not?”

After all, what better people to evaluate the potential of a technology, even a prototype, than those at an edtech conference?  If not there, then where?

Tim doesn’t settle for the status quo and he appears to have the financial backing to explore the new and the unknown.  In this case, it’s Virtual Reality.

The geeky me really enjoyed this post and just wish that I had the budget to buy into the experiments that he’s able to do with his students.  In particular, he introduces us to TiltBrush and even just poking around the site will get you excited.

The conference in question was the Pedagogy before Technology conference.  His wife Alanna was there and created a Storify document so that we can enjoy the discussion after the fact.

Screenshot 2017-08-30 at 20.07.07

New Beginnings

One of the real joys of being a teacher is that you get a chance for a do-over every September.  It might be new students, a new classroom, a new school, new colleagues, a new subject area, a new ….

If the scenery changes, then it only seems natural that your skill set should as well.

Diana Maliszewski gives us a run down of what her current and future learning contains.

  • Beginning Teacher Summer Institute New and Experienced Teacher Librarian Open House
  • implementing self-regulation skills more deliberately
  • Kids Guide to Canada project
  • Media Studies Additional Qualification course

She’s gearing up for an exciting new year.  Or, as they say in her gaming world, she’s really levelling up.

How Are You Going to Solve Your Problem?

From Peter Cameron, comes this quick and timely reminder for the inevitable barrage of questions from students.

Do you answer them?

Well, I suppose you could.  It’s certainly the most economical use of time.  Just answer and move on.

Peter reminds us that more often than not, there’s more to be learned by not being so quick with the answers.

Screenshot 2017-08-30 at 20.15.46

What’s Your Story?

We all have a story.

Many stories.

Helen DeWaard shares her story of “Openness” in this post.


That’s a lot of openness and she takes the time to expand on each concept.

After reading the post, she may just gain a new desire to become open in these area yourself.

Don’t just read her story which is interesting by itself.  Follow the links.  They provide a rich companion to her story.

I hope that you take the time to click through and read all of these interesting blog posts.  There’s some great thinking there and you can’t help but be inspired to do more on your own.

On Wednesday mornings, join Stephen Hurley and me on VoicEd radio where we use some of these blogs for inspiration for a conversation.  All of our shows have been archived on the site.


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