An eye for images

I had a lesson in practicality from my friend Andy Forgrave last night.  Like I do here, I have a pretty liberal Creative Commons license on my writing and my images.  You can find my particular license on the About Me page.

Andy does the same thing.  We’re not in this to make money; just to share what we create with the hope that they help someone, somewhere.  I can’t speak for Andy but there is a reason why I chose this license as opposed to just putting things in the public domain.  I’d hate to have some of my work used or remixed in a manner that I’m not happy with.

Quite frankly, the license is there but I don’t actively track all my writing and images.  I could see that turning into a full-time job.  I think of it more as modelling the proper thing to do.

Last night, Andy shared with me that he found one of his images used without giving him credit.  So, he made the connection and asked that this oversight be corrected.  In our chat, he mentioned that he used TinEye in the whole process.  I checked and it is indeed in my collection of bookmarks.  I might have used it once or twice but that’s about it.

It’s a very powerful application.  You go to the link above and upload your image or provide a link to the image and TinEye lets you know just where else it’s found the image.

Ever experimenting, I uploaded this image of this really ugly guy expecting to find no results.  Instead, I actually found some.

Screenshot 2017-08-29 at 08.52.12

The results were there, including the link to the location where it was found.  I was surprised to see where it landed.  It’s always impressive when you found a personal, practical use for something.

Then, it went over the top when I read this article this morning.  BROWSERS Check Out Some More Uses Of A Reverse Image Search Using TinEye [Chrome]

I may have just found a sinkhole for any remaining time left in my day.

Instructions about how to use TinEye can be found here.  Even more impressive is how it does what it does.  If you’re looking for inspiration about artificial intelligence that doesn’t involve movies or class sets of goggles, check it out.

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