Studying Mathematics and more

I had a conversation with a friend recently.  She’s going to have some Chromebooks come into her classroom and she was wondering where to start.  Of course, it would help if her district provided some resources and professional learning opportunities but that’s another topic for another day.  For now, she’s on her own it seems.

I asked her about support and the response was kind of disappointing – “they just assume that we know about stuff.”

I guess it was different in the past.  Applications would have been installed on the classroom devices and you just used them.  Someone else had made the judgment that they were worthy and appropriate.  It is different when you ask people to take a risk that that internet resource they found by themselves is going to do the deed for them.  I used to maintain a “Student Reference Portal” where I put together what I’d found and assessed as appropriate.

So, I passed along some of what I thought would be useful launching pads.  Mathematics was particulalry important to her so that was in my mind.

And then I started poking around.  After all, on the internet, things come and go.  I dropped into the Studyladder.  It’s an interesting collection of, not only Mathematics things, but many activities in other subject areas.


It appears to be rich with resources but, like all things, you need to get in and evaluate them to see if they are appropriate.

There are three levels of access and so you’ll need to see if there’s a fit.

As I sit back and reflect on this, it serves as a reminder that while we get excited about the latest 3D AI Coding Minecraft Makerspace craze, there are other people who are being dropped into their own area of discomfort.

They need support too.

5 thoughts on “Studying Mathematics and more

  1. I wish you were close enough that I could give you a hug or a high five. This – that last line about dropping people into their discomfort zone – is huge. Chromebooks and iPads will continue to remain web research devices only (okay, some people might use the iPad as a camera) as long as we hand them out without structured, scaffolded support. An after-school or half-day generic session won’t cut it. Teachers need what you gave your friend. Resources and support tailored to the teacher’s individual goals.
    Until someone figures this out, we will continue to underuse our tech


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