Whatever happened to …

… that university name?

I always had an aspiration to go to university.  Growing up in mid-Western Ontario, there were only three real choices.

  • University of Western Ontario
  • Waterloo Lutheran University
  • University of Waterloo

Places like Guelph and Toronto were too far removed and exotic for this country boy.

Waterloo Lutheran was out since we were Anglican, although I found out later, we probably would have gone to a Lutheran Church if there was one in town.  I decided to go to the University of Waterloo because it was close and I could study Mathematics and Computer Science without the extra baggage that other universities required – like taking science and arts courses.

As it turned out, I took a couple of Business courses but Waterloo didn’t offer them.  Instead, I had to make that long walk up the street, and it can be brutal in the winter time, to Wilfred Laurier University.  Yes, they had changed their name.

There has been a great deal in the news lately about historical figures and the statues, locations, and things that have been named about them.  This article will give you Canadian things to think about.

While I went to Waterloo, a good friend of mine went to Sir Sanford Fleming College to study forestry.  Myself, I continued my quest for education and qualifications by attending the University of Western Ontario for some summer additional qualification courses.

In addition to the story that we see everywhere in the news, I had a couple of other issues hit me recently.  I’ve featured a couple of bloggers recently that identify themselves as coming from Fleming College.  In my interview with Lisa Floyd, she teaches at Western University.  Both have taken on different names from what I knew them as.  Ditto for Laurier.  Click through and see for yourself.

What are thoughts about this for a Sunday?

  • Did you attend a university that later on changed its name?
  • Have Laurier, Western, and Fleming modernized themselves with a name change or is it just a rebranding based upon what people were calling them anyway?
  • Is there a permanent danger to naming an institution after a person instead of a location?
  • Is there value in a university tradition that includes an original name?

I’d like to read your thoughts about these.  It’s a timely discussion for the present.

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