When trolls attack

One of the first things I do in the morning is check out any messages that have come through overnight.  A couple of days ago, I was treated to this…

Sure, I was curious so I tracked it back to the source.  After all, if this person “really, really” wanted a change, maybe there was a suggestion for what it could be.  And, I was curious to see just who @stampingout was.

I struck out on both counts.  There was no suggestion and the account contained no name.  Just the information above and a bio that he/she/it was “loving it”.  The only clue was not hashtagging OECTA and AEFO.

I did spend a moment or two and looked up and down Twitter messages from this account and noted that I wasn’t the only target of the vitriol.  Sadly, there was no attempt to engage to resolve whatever issues had been identified.

I had a couple of reactions.

  1. Aggressive – I could block this account.  As we know, on Twitter, that’s just the equivalence of playing whack-a-mole to someone who really wants to pursue
  2. Passive Aggressive – I could change the name of the news letter to “The very, very best of Ontario Educators”.  I did seriously consider this option

But then I relented.  To do either action would be to give this person/thing credibility.  It truly isn’t warranted.  After all, she/he/it obviously has an ax to grind.  It happens all the time, I understand, but not to me.

I turned to the other aspect of the post – not finding inspiration.

A little background – these newsletters are generated automatically by Paper.li.  All that I do is feed it the source.  I actually generate four newsletters from four Ontario Educator lists and they’re posted publically for all to enjoy.  Personally, I find it a great start to reading, learning, and researching.  Not only do I find it quality content; it’s generated by the interests of Ontario Educators so it’s generally related to things helpful in Ontario education.  At the same time, things can go global but that’s always nice to add perspective.  I pulled up one of the newsletters.

I found these stories:

  • Be Smart: A Partial Eclipse Can Fry Your Naked Eyes
  • Why I decided to reject a settler colonial view of the Métis Nation
  • Effective Reading Interventions for Kids With Learning Disabilities | LD Topics
  • These 13 Things Will Kill Great Leadership – Lolly Daskal | Leadership
  • Rethinking Data: How to Create a Holistic View of Students
  • Police Sketches of Literary Characters Based on Their Book Descriptions
  • This survivor wants Toronto to know what happens when you give refugees a chance
  • Tips for Avoiding Teacher Burnout
  • Think Your Retirement Plan Is Bad? Talk to a Teacher
  • Help wanted: Ottawa tech companies recruiting to fill thousands of jobs

and that’s just the beginning.  I can’t speak for others but I find and so sincerely value the shared content from these educators four times a day.

So, I don’t know what else I can offer to this thing/person.

Oh, I guess there is one piece of advice.  If it bothers you, don’t read it.


2 thoughts on “When trolls attack

  1. Please just keep on doing your thing! Your critic hides behind autonomity and thus is a coward. Please do not placate this person in any way! I absolutely love your paper and I am flattered when I am included!

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  2. I think I have seen this troll before. I certainly have experienced trolls, especially when I was a principal. Easily, the best thing to do is to ignore – they find that frustrating. Please keep up the great work – we all appreciate what you do every day!


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