Help Paul McGuire Blog

I hope that you enjoyed the interview with Paul McGuire as featured here yesterday on this blog.

In addition to reading the post, I hope that you had the opportunity to click through and read some of the posts on his blog.  He’s currently working his way through his responses to a post “Five ways to damage a good school” by Greg Ashman.

I shared my thoughts on his first post in last week’s “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”.  

I also offered an idea after I asked him “Only Five?”

The idea was this…why not crowd source responses to the question?  Surely everyone must have an opinion.

So, Paul put together this Google Form and opened it up to the world.

Why not take a couple of moments (it’s only a short form to complete) and fill in the form?

Paul is promising to use some of the responses as inspiration for new posts to his blog.

You can access the form here.

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