Not totally around here

Well, today is the big day.

We get to see what happens to all those solar farms when the sun goes out.

At least in some places.  Around here, we seem to be in the 50-75% band of the solar eclipse.  Could this be the most written about eclipse ever?  Of course, it is.  I’ve never blogged around it before and there are a few! others.  Unless something really big happens in politics, all of the news networks will be all over this.

I doubt that I’ll be out in the backyard looking upward or taking a selfie or any of the other silly things that people will do.  I do listen to the experts about the evils of looking directly at an eclipse.  I already wear glasses so I don’t want to make things worse.

There has been no shortage of expert advice and learning about the eclipse.

Even infographics.

Or even events.

Or a look back at the 1960s.

Even bizarre things.

Or bizarre things with animals.

By far, the most interesting resource is this interactive application that you run right from the web.  It does take a few seconds to load and will probably be even slower as the event happens.

But, you can put yourself in any location in the world and see what the eclipse will look like from there.  I’m not in Kansas City but we should get a good effect here.  For your location, click the + button on the right hand side and add your location.  If you live in a non-exciting place, try somewhere else.


There’s no shortage of advice either.

If you’re going to look at the sun, you’ll need to follow this.

Or, if you want to take pictures.  While this is intriguing, I’m going to let that task fall to people who have the good equipment rather than trying to make it happen here.

And, an important innovation for our time just had to make its appearance.  In addition to Tweeting what you see (and you know that millions will), Twitter will livestream the eclipse.

And news shows all over the channels will have expert panels discussing this.  Perhaps even one or two will deny that it’s happening?

How do you plan to celebrate today’s eclipse?

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