Hug your school

It doesn’t take very long if you go for a trip around here to see a school that’s closed down and sometimes available for sale.

The reason?  Declining enrolment, prohibitive to repair, …

Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to stand back and realize just how good we have things.  Even if there are a few bricks missing or stains on ceiling tiles.  I can still remember myself asking “how can students and teachers do this” on a day when the air conditioning failed at our school and it was so warm inside.  “It’s inhumane”.

Think things are tough?

Then, take a read of these two articles.

18 photos reveal the extreme ways kids get to school around the world18 photos reveal the extreme ways kids get to school around the world

Some kids in the Philippines step through knee-deep rocky waters to get to class, while students in Japan pass Geiger counters tracking local radiation levels.

Here’s what early-morning commutes to school look like around the world.

‘It’s not nice to be a teacher at a school like this’

She said that when it rains, teachers and learners have to mop the flooded classrooms before teaching can resume. “We have to cover gaps in the walls with blankets to prevent rain and wind from entering. The children have gotten used to it now. They even pin up their own jerseys,” she said pointing to a row of small jerseys hanging on a washing line nearby.


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