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Most school districts provide a summer professional learning program for teachers.  Some make it available for the world to lust after and others hide it behind paywalls.

If you take a look at any program, it will give you a sense of the priorities of the district and the availability of presenters.

Particularly in the area of effective technology use, it is and should be, a continuous and ongoing process.  Effective use doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s the result of hard work, learning, understanding the technology and its marriage with pedagogy, and most importantly the sharing and connections between learners.  If you have to identify the best thing to walk away from in a professional learning session, it has to be making at least one new relationship that will extend past the session.

Good presenters will make sure that their connection information is there.  Even better presenters will make sure that there is some mechanism available for continuous learning after the session ends.

A school district should also provide a wide variety of activities to appeal to every educator.  As we know, they’ll have various entry levels of abilities and interests.

Having said all that, while taking a look at Ontario Educators on Friday morning doing my #FollowFriday routine, I noticed that the summer institute program from the Ottawa Catholic School Board was made available for everyone.  Obviously, a Google-centric district, it came as no surprise that the program was available as a Google Document.

Here’s a bit off the top.

The entire program, packed into a couple of weeks at the end of August, extends over three pages.

I was impressed with the depth and variety of topics available to teachers.  I know that if I was a teacher in that district, I’d be signing up for quite a few of these sessions.  On certain days, there are multiple great options to make the choice even tougher.

Kudos for offering this and making it available for all of us to take a look at.

What does your district offer?  What summer learning will you attend this year?

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