Loving the modern …

… because the old was sometimes pretty scary.

I ran across this story yesterday morning.

The British Library offers over a million free vintage images for download

Free is always good.  It’s always interesting that, when I sign up for a news service, that I get flooded with all kinds of stories from Great Britain.  We really are a separate country, don’t you know.

Regardless, the lead was interesting.  There was no link to the collection, only a reference to the “Mechanical Curator” gallery on Flickr.  It was only a quick search to take me here.  It’s but one of a number of gallery collections.

2017-08-02_0653And then I was off.

I do like a good museum and this doesn’t disappoint.  It’s just that some of that old imagery is just weird!  (at least by today’s standards…)

I think that that “Evil Eye” will be following me around all day today.

Anyway, it’s such an interesting way to spend a great deal of time.

Given this …

The Digital Research Team at the British Library has curated this set of highlights from more than one million public domain images from within our digitised collection

I’m sure that you’ll find all kinds of uses of this content.


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