10 years ago

So, what were you doing 10 years ago?

I can’t remember exactly but it might have been preparing for leading a summer institute.  That’s what we did back then.  However, with time, the memory fades.  (although I probably could dig through a digital calendar if it was important enough!)

But, if you’re an internet website, it’s all recorded.  Remember how they say that nothing posted on the web even goes away?

Here’s proof.


I think that we’ve all heard about or used the Wayback Machine to dig up a page that was long forgotten.

The site Ten Years Ago brings back quick links to many sites that you probably use on a regular basis.

Now, don’t cheat.  What site was this ten years ago?


By today’s standards, you might just pass this one by and look for something a little more interesting.

And yet, YouTube is undoubtedly on most people’s to-do list!

There are things that come to mind when clicking on the featured websites:

  • back then, everything that I created was from scratch using Dreamweaver or a text editor.  (and looked like it due to my lack of creativity)
  • If a portable device version of the website was even available, it would have been available by a “click here for mobile version” link instead of using the principles of responsive website style
  • WordPress was just a blogging platform and not the engine that powers entire sites like it does today
  • remember advice like “best viewed by using the XXXX browser
  • colours were solid and jumped out at you.  Everyone know and used RGB
  • search engines presented themselves as indexes instead of the clean interface of today
  • everything was rounded instead of the flat look of today.  It took some design and work with Photoshop to get those rounded buttons.  Do today’s students even have those skills?  (or do they want them?)

and more.  It’s interesting to note how some of these principles are making a return in design and presentation.

I found the whole thing interesting to review and take a trip along memory lane.  We’ve come such a long way with current technologies.

But, we had to start somewhere.

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