A quick preview

Who doesn’t like a good YouTube video?

Who hasn’t wasted all kinds of time watching a video that isn’t what you expected.  If you’re like me, you’re a sucker for a good bit of click bait.

Video previews coming to desktop

Now, there’s a little preview that will give you a sense of what the content of that video might be – provided you’re using the Opera or Chrome browser.

It’s simple.  Just hover your mouse over the thumbnail of a YouTube video and wait for a second.  You’ll soon be treated to a 3-5 second preview of the video.

So, to test it out, I headed to YouTube and the content from the excellent MrsALoveMath channel.  I found a video that looked good “Equation of a Line Given Two Points”.

I placed my cursor over the desired video and voila!


Trust me; fire up Opera or Chrome, find a video you want, place your cursor over it, and see what happens.

You’ll be making quicker decisions about what to watch.




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