Whatever happened to …

… laptop computers?

OK, so truth be told, there’s a bit of tongue in cheek here.  I hope you eventually agree.

On getaway day for the CSTA Conference, my wife and I were watching the news/weather on WDIV Detroit, and the reports of the heavy rain were headlining the news.  That, along with the traffic reports of accidents and slowdowns in downtown Detroit.

“You’d better leave early”.

I tried to explain that I was headed away from the reported slowdowns but eventually gave in and did leave early.  I had left a little early departure time because of border crossing, rush hour, and the reports of road construction at the airport.

Except for longing for a Nexus card, border crossing was quick and easy as well as the trip to the airport.  The detour around the construction was equally as easy and I was quickly parked and into the airport.  I had over two and a half hours to kill.

Not a problem.  I still had a bunch of emails to respond to about the conference, needed to check the signup sheet for volunteers and do some scheduling to make sure that every time slot was covered.  And, if all else fails, I had a few ideas about future blog posts and I could get started on that.

I flipped open my laptop, connected to the free WIFI at the airport and I was off.  Taking a break from email, I looked around to exercise my eyes and I noticed that I wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the free WIFI.  Lots of people were doing things in our connected world.  A number of kids were messing around with tablet devices and all the grownups were tap, tap, tapping away on their smartphones.

Everyone but me!

I looked around our gate and I couldn’t see anyone else using a laptop.  It was like I got dropped into a twilight zone.  I had my back to a few people so I turned around and looked.  Not a laptop in sight.  Bizarre.

Everyone tapping away.  I stood up and looked about and instantly recognized mobile Facebook screens, Words with Friends, and texting applications.

I decided to take a little wander to a few of the other gates.  I didn’t see a single laptop.  Lots of devices, but none of them with screens, keyboards, trackpads, …

All of a sudden, I felt really “out of it”, “old school”, “antiquity”, and whatever other word that comes to mind.  To be fair, I did finally find a gentleman wearing a shirt, tie, and jacket who was using a laptop.  I sneaked a peek from a distance and he was diddling around with a spreadsheet.


I went back to my own work.

OK, time for your thoughts…

  • If you’re killing time waiting somewhere, what’s your preferred device?
  • Can you do all of your work on a smartphone?
  • Have your computing habits changed to use a smartphone instead of a laptop?
  • I’ll take the optimistic route.  Do you get better battery life on a smartphone than your laptop, making it the device of choice?

Please share your thoughts via comment below.  Help make me feel better!  Or, give me a wakeup call.

If you have an idea for a future post in this series, please drop it off at this Padlet. I enjoy writing these posts; I hope you enjoy reading them. They can all be accessed here.

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