Getting tips

Definitely, one of the more popular exhibitor booths at the CSTA Conference was the CSTeachingTips table.

It wasn’t hard to tell why.

They had put together a very popular collection of their tips and they were also on the list for the exhibitor scavenger hunt. But, all they had to do was step away from their area for a bit and we got all kinds of inquiries:

Can you tell me where CSTeachingTips is?

The answer was to give just a bit of patience!

Or, if they were looking for the actual tips, they’re all available on their website at

Here, you’ll find the tip sheets funded by a grant from the NSF.


If you don’t want an entire sheet, there is a search mechanism to let you zero in on the tip or the type of tip that you want.

It’s a resource that all Computer Science teachers and all those teaching coding or learning about this at a Faculty of Education should check out.


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