Computer badging

At the CSTA Reception last evening, those in attendance had a change to mix and mingle and there was a special speaker.

She was from the Girl Scouts and shared with us the concept of badging.  For this former Boy Scout, it was a bit of a review.  I can recall all of the badges that I had accumulated during my time as a Boy Scout.  There were so many important skills that we had to demonstrate to an evaluator in claim our badge.

I hadn’t thought about the process for a while so it was a nice review.  Now, this is a Computer Science conference and I and many others came to attention when the discussion turned to badging for digital skills.

The complete list of badges available can be viewed online and they’re searchable by category.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the category STEM listed.

Screenshot 2017-07-10 at 04.46.09

Things have certainly changed from the days of living and surviving in the outdoors.

I really hadn’t stayed in touch.  How about the Girl Guide program in Canada?  The online presentation is different but Computer Skills are available as a badge there as well.

With my background being so many years ago, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the inclusion of these skills to the badging program.



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