There’s always more!

I’ll start with the moral of the story first.

It never hurts to click around; you never know what you’ll find.

That was my learning recently.  I was producing a Google Document and I wanted people to check off a particular day.

So, it kind of started like this.

__ Monday

__ Tuesday

__ Wednesday

__ Thursday

__ Friday

All that you had to do was choose one.  Now, being electronic, there were all kinds of ways that people responded.

  • they deleted everything except the day they wanted
  • they typed an X in the appropriate day and left it – that shifted that particular entry to the right because of the extra character.  That’s OK; it’s the intent that matters
  • type either typed the X and the deleted the extra underscore or they tapped the “Insert” key on their computer, changing it to overstrike, and then typed the X

Now, there are all kinds of ways that I could have composed that list.  Since it was in Docs, I could have used a bulleted list or a variation on that list.


In particular, look at the one with the checkboxes (top right option)

It’s pretty elegant.  The user just had to select the right day with the left mouse button, and then the right mouse button for a popup of characters to use.  Note that the check mark is an option.


I’ll be honest.  That’s about as far as I would expect anyone to go.  Perhaps it was the summer laziness but I noticed that there was another option…

“More bullets…”

This did get a click from me and there was every option under the sun!  (or at least on my keyboard)


Which takes me back to the moral of this story…

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