Saving this year’s blogs

As the end of the school year looms, there are plenty of maintenance and storage things that need addressing.  There’s one other thing that you might want to store if your class in blogging … storing the blog for 2016-2017.

In September, things will start all over again, including new blogs.

So, saving this year’s work is a good idea.  Sure, you can just leave the blog active but sometimes you’ll want something a little more permanent.

I’ve written about BlogBooker before.  It’s a terrific utility that pulls together all your blog posts and puts them into a book away from your original blog.  This opens all kinds of opportunities for archiving and repurposing your work.  You’d hate to see all your efforts go away, wouldn’t you?

BlogBooker offers a number of different options, starting at free, and one of them might well be just what you and your students are in search of.


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