Extraordinary sights at home

Yesterday morning, my friend Lisa Cranston tagged me with this post.

All of the World’s Extraordinary Sights on One Map

She knows that I’m a lover of maps and this one is fascinating.  While I’m not the world traveller in the family, I do like poking around looking here and there for interesting things.

And, sometimes, they’re just down the road.  For students, often the summer is filled with trips but there’s amazing things just around your community.  I decided to check out the local area and was quite disappointed.  You can go directly to the map here.

Here’s a zoomed in look at Essex County.

Screenshot 2017-06-20 at 08.35.20.png

Sadly, the only thing that made the map was the old Boblo Amusement Park.  It’s not a bad choice.

We know that there’s more and it makes the trip and touring interesting.

Here are ten things that I think should be added to the map.

  • Windsor Sculpture Gardens
  • Peace Fountain
  • The Tip at Point Pelee
  • The Ambassador Bridge (and all its traffic)
  • Historic County Road 50 and its collection of wineries
  • Dairy Freez in North Ridge / Cottam
  • Doll Museum in Malden Centre
  • Pelee Island (the ferry ride is worth the trip)
  • Dieppe Gardens and then on to Willistead Manor
  • Amherstburg Freedom Museum (formerly the North American Black Historic Museum)

And I could go on for a while.  Caesar’s Windsor, Baby House, Lighthouse Cove, Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens, Jack Miner Sanctuary, Amherstburg’s Navy Yard and Hostas Gardens …

Don’t even get me started on the amazing restaurants and the best pizza in the world.

Why not take a look at the original map and check out your own area for places for your students to enjoy via day tripping at home this summer?  Or take a trip down the 401 to Essex County.  Tell them Lisa and Doug sent you.


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