It’s getting ugly out there

On this computer, I have the following web browsers installed: Safari Opera Chrome Firefox Vivaldi CLIQZ Why?  Well, because I can, I suppose. But it’s a habit going back to creating web pages from scratch.  There were just a couple of web browsers that most people used and sometimes they rendered the output differently.  So,Continue reading “It’s getting ugly out there”

OTR Links 06/15/2017

Twitter Doug is the best supporter of Ontario bloggers I know. I know I write more because of @dougpete – Paul McGuire (mcguirp) tags: Doug Peterson on Twitter: “@MrsGeekChic @Stephen_Hurley @voicEdcanada @peterskillen @mcguirp @cherandpete @dtangred It will be archived for playback. My mind went blank when I was thinking Keynote! Thanks toContinue reading “OTR Links 06/15/2017”