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Ontario Edubloggers are a special type of type of people.  There’s always some great learning, sharing, and story telling happening.  Check out what I ran into lately.

Recognizing Stressors

Lisa Cranston is back at analysing things that cause her stress.  As shown earlier, she’s using a graphic organizer to put her thoughts in order.  She’s re-organized things in this Popplet and expanded on her original analysis.  Notice that she has them colour coded!


I’m overly curious about this because I recognize many of these things in my own life although I’m not quite sure of when annoyance rises to the level of stressor.  I’m hoping that future posts from her will help expand on this.

Page 5: The Night Shift

I’m finding this “picture book” of Royan Lee strangely addictive.  Sure, I know Royan and our paths have crossed every now and again.  But, do you ever really “know” someone under those circumstances?

He’s revealing a great deal about his thoughts and conceptions as he grows up.  In this post, he describes his thoughts of his mother going to work and includes some prompts very suitable for classroom discussion.


I think we all, at times, ask the last question as we struggle to get out of bed at some early hour.

Today is a good day to try something new

As long as I’ve known Diana Maliszewski, I didn’t notice that she didn’t wear makeup.  Even if I had, it’s not really any of my business anyway.  In this post, though, things have changed as she helps her daughter take the plunge with a trip to the mall.  As the father of two daughters, I’m reminded of why dad needs to have his own bathroom.  My needs are meagre; just a spot for my razor and shaving cream.  You’d think that would be easy enough.

While trying new things, Diana was prompted to a singing gig in a Flipgrid available here.  You’ll recognize many of the Ontario names on this rockstar list but may not recognize all the songs!  For her turn, Diana does a cover of Meatloaf’s “I’d do anything for love”.  At least, I think she’s covering his original.  Perhaps she’s covering someone else’s cover of the tune.


Diana’s post inspired Aviva Dunsiger to dig into the concept of trying something new.

My Incredible Journey

A shoutout needs to go to Jennifer Aston for alerting me to this first post by Beverley Moss documenting her growth in technology skills as part of her TLLP. (Teacher Learning and Leadership Program)

In the post, she does a wonderful job of sharing her learning.  There’s also a lesson there for those of us who use words like tweeting, blogging, Googling without thinking.  Once you embrace these things, it’s easy to become part of your language and it may just make things more of a challenge for those who are just starting to learn.  Doesn’t everyone tweet?

Actually, thanks, to Beverley, there’s one more who learned from sitting next to this emerging master!

As a step in her growing, Beverley has created a blog and this is her first post.

Now, as we know, starting a blog and making a first post is relatively easy.  The hard part comes with thinking of a second post and then continuing.  I’m happy to note that there is a second post to the blog so perhaps we’re onto something good here.

I was happy to add it to the Livebinder of Ontario Edubloggers and hope that she continues to document her growth and learning.

The Great Canadian Flag

I had blogged about the Great Canadian Flag that was raised in downtown Windsor just in time for Victoria Day.  It, and the Sculpture Park are definitely things to see when you visit Windsor.

Kyle Pearce has turned the flag into one of his three act math tasks.  Out he went, from the board office to the site which is only a few blocks away, with his camera to take some pictures of himself and the flag and part of the Detroit skyline in the background.

There’s lots of estimation, prediction, and perspective to wonder about in this activity.  It’s all part of the Canada 150 Math Challenge.

Almost There

It’s not secret that I really enjoy Eva Thompson’s writing.  She writes from the heart and tells it as it is.  There’s no sense other than this is just one authentic teacher sharing her thoughts and sometimes her struggles with her profession.

In this post, she’s wrestling with providing wellness activities for enrichment students.  The challenge?

The main excuse was, “I’m too stressed to miss class to learn how to deal with my stress”.

But, even in this statement and her thoughts around it, you just know that she’s on the right track.

I had to smile when she reported on a survey of what the students wanted more of – wellness activities.

I’m sighing with you, Eva!

Seeing the Water

Debbie Donsky addresses a group of principals and vice-principals about a topic that we should be very aware of but notes that often white educators don’t see.  It’s because of the water that we swim in.

As she notes, there has been much published about equity in the province but, as we know, those are often just words printed on paper.  How should the issue be addressed in real life?

Here’s a key message she delivered

I urge the participants to suspend reality and see the water while recognizing that the water is actually the white privilege we swim in each day. We don’t see it because we are taught not to see it. We are taught to believe that everything we achieved is because of hard work and that there were no forces working on our behalf to ensure we go there. It is not to say that we didn’t work hard — it’s just that for some, working hard will never be enough.

This is a wonderfully insightful post that you need to read and understand from beginning to end.

Are you inspired?

I know that I was when I read these posts for the first time.  Please click through and read them in their entirety and drop off a comment if you’re so inclined.

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