On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog


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How many times have you seen this image or any of the meme takeoffs?

It’s true though.

On the Internet, you can be:

  • a visible learner
  • a part of a community
  • a troll
  • a copy of someone else
  • a promotor
  • a phisher
  • a spammer
  • a self-promotor
  • a bully
  • an annoying retweeter
  • a hacker
  • a leader among leaders
  • a dog
  • darn near anything you want to be

Google would have you be “Internet Awesome“.


Various school districts have struggled with the concepts of digital safety education for students.  Many have written resources; some have shared resources; some have purchased resources, …

Google has entered into the mix with this very comprehensive resource.  It includes:

  • a game
  • a curriculum
  • a poster
  • badges and certificates
  • off computer activity
  • a pledge
  • and links to other supportive resources.

If you’re addressing this very important concept for students, then you need to evaluate this to see if it fits into your plans.

As screen captured below, it is possible to get through the various levels of the game in an evening.  Your cursor keys will get a workout.





I had to work my way through to get the badges and my certificate.

Who wouldn’t want their students to be internet awesome?

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