Learning about images

How many times have you done something on the computer and said “That’s not what I meant?”

I can’t be the only one.

If you’ve ever written a piece of software, you know that understanding the user on the other end can have a crucial impact on your design.  i.e. Celsius or Fahrenheit.

There’s something empowering about being able to incorporate that type of planning into design.

We live in a world that’s gone long past that.  We’re trying to come to grips with the concept of the machine itself doing the learning and presenting the results.  It’s the sort of thing that science fiction novels and other forms of media have always addressed.  It can be scary at times.

This is an example of it.

What if you were able to create a sketch and a piece of software determines the actual image that it represents?  Wouldn’t that be something if the machine was able to do that?

It’s not perfect, but it is intriguing.  My drawing skills will test the very best of machine intelligence so don’t just go by me.  However, give it a try yourself with this fotogenerator.

Forget the really good image that’s sitting there when you land at the site.  The concept here is to clear the starting image and draw your own in the left window and then click pix2pix to put the wheels in motion.

My original?  You guessed it – my walking partner.

Screenshot 2017-06-06 at 08.05.43.png

Is it wrong to make fun of someone’s nose?

It is addictive and, while not perfect yet, gives you a glimpse of just what might be.  I wonder what would happen if I was actually a better drawer?

For the computer programmer in you, take a look at the source code.  It’s an interesting read and more complete internal documentation would be helpful.  But, there was a hint as to the author in the names of the initial filenames.  I tracked it back to the author’s website and poked around until I found an article about the project.  Help us test artificial intelligence.  Things are written in Dutch but your browser’s translator will be helpful.

From the article, it appears that this will only be publicly available at this address for a short time so try it out soon.

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