Bond, James Bond

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we didn’t have a radio growing up.  But, we did go to the drive-in theatre quite a bit.  My mother really enjoyed spy and mystery stories.

With the recent passing of Roger Moore, this brought back memories.  It probably didn’t hurt that we just watched “For Your Eyes Only” on television either.

As it would have it, and as a continuation of yesterday’s theme of Google Earth’s Voyager, there is a tour of some of the fabulous sites that were included in the Bond movies.

The images are as spectacular on your computer as there were in the movies.  Here, from “Casino Royale”.


You can access the Footsteps of 007 here.

As an extra treat, here is a link to some Roger Moore quotes.



  1. Doug, I love the connection that you made between media studies and geography with this activity option. I wonder how educators might use this in the classroom. How might exploring the locations give us an even better understanding of the settings in these movies? I see some possible inquiries stemming from this.



  2. Hello, Doug. Perhaps you and your mother would enjoy learning about Camp X, where a young Ian Fleming trained as an operative on Canadian soil during WW2. Here is some additional information on the history of the facility Also, if you fancy some TV on this subject check out the award winning TV Series X Company from CBC.
    Now, Mr. Bond, I expect you to research.


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