This may take a while

The new Google Earth is here.

And I’m obsessed!

For a very long time, a tour of the world with Google Earth has been an interesting experience.  Now, it gets even better with an incredibly realistic 3D presentation on the screen.  Where better for a Canadian to start by taking a look at the CN Tower?

Or, Niagara Falls.

If you’re a regular Google user, and who isn’t, you’ll recognize that the hamburger menu flyout looks like everything else you’ll find in the Google suite of things.  But, for the most part, navigation can be accomplished by icons on the left side of the screen.

If you need to search, go for it.  Or, I’ll bet that you’ll want to roll the die and see where your luckiness takes you.  (more time spent)

Further refinement of your travels are handled in the bottom right corner.  You can switch to 2D (but what’s the point)!  Pegman is there to drop you into Streetview, click to go home, or just check out where in the world you are with the globe.  Or, spin it and click to head somewhere else.

You won’t want to miss out on the best of the world by using the Voyager feature.  The Wonders of the Ancient and Modern World are just spectacular.

Recently, my friend Peter McAsh was in town and I gave him the tour.  Peter, you can check out things with the new Google Earth.

Hey, Peter, check out the top left corner of this screen capture.  You’ll see what you couldn’t see from your car as we drove into town.


3 thoughts on “This may take a while

  1. I didn’t realize that Google Earth changed, but last night, for a home extension activity, we suggested touring the community using it OR going for a walk to see the community. I wonder if anybody took a tour and what they noticed. Now I want to explore it (and Toronto — one of their favourite cities) with some students today. Depending on where things go, we just might. Thanks Doug! I wonder if others have explored the new Google Earth, & what they thought.



  2. It will be nice to know that as well, Aviva. I’ve been playing with a goofy idea and it will come out in a post on Saturday, if all goes well. As you know, Fridays are sacred around here.


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