Having fun with mathematics

It certainly is possible and you might just learn something in the process.

There are lots of applications written to help understand mathematics.  Some are fully taken over by gaming and graphics to the point where the actual mathematics might get lost in the process.

I read about the application “Math Tricks” and so gave it a quick download to see what it was all about.  Within seconds of launching the application, I was hooked and off to see if I could speed up some thinking.  I’m not sure that I was able to do so because I didn’t test myself in speed.   But, I did test myself in fun and it really was.

There’s lots of areas of mathematics to get you going.

And, there are many ways to play with things.

The whole area of educational application development is so interesting.

It might actually be an interesting task to sit down and determine the breadth of the field.  There are many applications written for their visual appeal and there are applications that are written that get right to the point.  This application falls into the second category.  

If you enjoy just doing mathematics for the sake of doing mathematics and learn a few tricks along the way, you’ll really appreciate this.  I’ve always found multiplying by 11 and looking at patterns fascinating.  This feeds that.

Give it a download and kick the tires yourself.  I’d be interesting in hearing your thoughts.


One thought on “Having fun with mathematics

  1. Thanks for this, Doug. I’ve been trying to brush on my math skills so I’ll check it out.


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