Having fun with mathematics

It certainly is possible and you might just learn something in the process. There are lots of applications written to help understand mathematics.  Some are fully taken over by gaming and graphics to the point where the actual mathematics might get lost in the process. I read about the application "Math Tricks" and so gave … Continue reading Having fun with mathematics


OTR Links 04/18/2017

Climate Change Reroutes a Yukon River in a Geological Instant - The New York Times RT @nytimes: Climate change has reversed the flow of water melting from a glacier in Canada. Scientists call it "river piracy." https://t.c… tags: via:packrati.us Twitter / ? #Iceberg near St. John's Narrows, Fort Amherst #Newfoundland, #Canada (by Shawn Hudson via … Continue reading OTR Links 04/18/2017