There may be hope for me yet

The only thing that separates me from being an artist is the ability to draw or paint or …

Now with this experiment from Google, Autodraw, there may be hope.

As happens frequently in this blog, my subject is the furry guy looking at me and waiting to go for his morning walk.  Here’s my sketch.

That’s pretty bad.  I’m not a fan of Star Wars but isn’t that like one of the characters?

Or maybe even Nosferatu?

Well, the artificial intelligence behind the application does its work and makes suggestions about how close I came….

Should I be insulted that a dog isn’t in the top suggestions?

But there’s a zebra!  I’ll select that and this appears in my drawing’s place.

and a set of tools to edit the final image.

The artistry world has nothing to fear from me at this time, that’s for sure.  But it is a great deal of fun to dream of what might be.  Maybe if I’d drawn a side view of Jaimie, I would have had better luck!

Getting serious for a moment though, we often talk about students using images in their creations and that has spawned a whole good discussion about copyright.  This gives a better option.  I’ve always said that students should be encouraged to create their own original works.  Now, for the under skilled artist, we have this tool.

If worse comes to worst, you could always change a story with a dog at its centre to one with a zebra.  That’s not too big a deal!


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