Job skills

One of the very best courses for secondary school students in Ontario is Guidance and Career Education.  

School districts have accumulated many resources to help teachers and students in this discipline.

To that list, and an idea, I would add “Skills Listed by Job“.  I know that, in my education, the skills needed to direct my studies and skill development were largely based upon myths and educated guesses.  Perhaps my skill set would have been valuable for something else?  At this point, I’ll never know.

But, check out yourself.  Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re an educator or IT Professional.  Both have defined lists of skills available from this website.   To ease the process, I’ll provide a couple of links.

Those aren’t small lists!

How did you do?  Do you have a new appreciation for your job?  Are you paid enough and have received enough respect?  

I kept wandering around the site, exploring new options.  It was an interesting exercise.

Certainly, the size of the collection was impressive and I could see it being helpful in class.  Then, it hit me, this would make a great starting point for a classroom activity.  After a few looks around, there were particular skills that seemed to pop up frequently.

How about this for an activity? 

  • Open and share a spreadsheet document with the students
  • Divide up the jobs and have the students research the recommended skills per job
  • In the spreadsheet, list the skills and start tallying the number of times that each skill appears

When you’re done, it’s time to do a little reflection on the data that was created.  I know that I would move to a graph to chart the results.  Or maybe identify and graph the Top 10 Skills.

Could you then identify the elusive “Skills for the 21st Century”?  Are skills unique to a certain profession?  Or, are there good choices that everyone should be focused on for success?

One thought on “Job skills

  1. Older kiddo at this house really enjoyed his careers course this year. It ended up helping him completely re-evaluate his career plan. I do wish there was a skills search engine on the site though.


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