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It’s windy out there

Don’t you just love the expression “Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it?”  It’s hard to give advice except “come in out of the rain”!

I enjoy watching the Weather Channel and the local weather.  It helps predict the future and what sorts of things that you might plan for the next day.  We know that the wind patterns give us an idea of what to expect. There are many options to try to understand this.

Windytv is all that and so much more.

It’s Saturday morning and this is what the winds are doing in North America.


All in beautiful colour and motion!  Now, normally, I could just watch this all day.  But, there’s so much more.

Across the bottom is a slider that would let me adjust to get a sense of the future.

But there’s more…so much more…visualizing in layers is something that we’ve come to expect from resources like this and WindyTV doesn’t disappoint.

And, of course, what would a map be if you couldn’t zoom in and out of locations.  You know you’ll want to check out your house.

All this weather coming in from the south promises a great day ahead!

But don’t stop there.  Click on a location or search for one.  There’s so data; so much information; so much to learn.


One response to “It’s windy out there”

  1. I feel as though there could be a classroom application for this. Not sure what it is, but when you said “data,” I wondered about math. Curious if others have an idea.



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