Best mathematics idea I’ve seen in a long time

It’s a cool afternoon and my Detroit Tigers are playing the Chicago White Sox.

It’s opening day and the Tigers are on the road.

The game is televised so I’m watching.  Detroit is up 6-1 and Justin Verlander is throwing a great game.

There’s a break in the action and a lead in to a commercial.  This comes on as a challenge from the television station broadcasting the game.  Want to win a prize; you have to solve a mathematics problem and tweet the answer with the hashtag #soxmath

As my wife says, “You’re such a teacher”.  But I’m looking at this and it’s the most genius thing that I’ve seen in a long time.

The concept of answering a trivia message to win a prize isn’t new.  

But, instead of a guess, you have to do some mathematics to enter. Then, you have to send your answer in a Twitter message so it reinforces that you have to be correct.  Finally, you either have to be on top of your White Sox/Tigers trivia or, like me, have access to the internet to do some quick research.

Of course, it gets pretty easy when you multiply by 0 in the middle of an expression.

Where could you use the concept here in your classroom?

There are lots more examples of #SoxMath available for preview here.

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  1. Okay, so now I need NHL math…because then, weirdly, some of my students would want to do it! I’m actually thinking I’d like to use some baseball stats for proportional reasoning this year.

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