For the month of March, Royan Lee (@royanlee) was the inspiration for days of doodling.  If you were interested in the concept of doodling, this was a way to force yourself to get on board.

One of the ideal results would be to join a community of others who enjoyed the experience.

Royan made it easy to get involved; he provided an idea a day.

He Storified all the ideas here.

Of course, there were rules.  1)  You actually had to do it.  2)  You had to share it with the hashtag #doodleaday.

Interestingly, Royan pulled all of the results together via Storify documents and assembled a site so that you can enjoy them all.

The culminating activity was an hour online with some of the participants. 

Kudos to Royan for assembling this project and bringing doodlers together.  

There are some real works of art in there.

There’s also a great amount of sophistication of the use of technology that is is impressive.

  • the use of Twitter to make connections and post images
  • the use of Instagram to make connections and post images
  • the use of a hashtag to allow for the following of the conversations
  • the use of Storify to build the collection of resources
  • the use of goodness knows what tools to create the doodles
  • the use of Google Hangouts to have a recorded memory of the final meeting
  • the use of YouTube so that we can all enjoy that recording
  • and the greatest technology of all – the human conversation that made it all happen

By themselves, there are some pretty sophisticated uses of individual tools but, in looking at things, the whole is indeed greater than the sum of the parts.

I think it’s a nice way to go “Beyond Blogging” and so have added it to that tab in this Livebinder.

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