This explains a lot

I really enjoy it when interactions generate lots of new things.  That happened to me this past week.

As she regularly does, Aviva Dunsiger made a comment on one of my blog posts and turned me on to a resource being served up to the world on the Hamilton Wentworth commons.  In the process, she brought Jared Bennett into the conversation and a new name for me, Andrew Kelly.

The conversation revolved around the application ExplainEverything.  Jared had jumped in first with his comment about using $0.99 apps in the classroom for limited purposes or free ones that clutters the screen with advertising.

Andrew got into the midst; I checked out his profile to make sure that he was an Ontario Educator and, upon a thorough background check added him to one of my lists.  In checking his profile, I found a couple of new blogs Start Stop Continue and Critical Math.  And, a few clicks later and they added to the Livebinder of Ontario Edubloggers.

So, all this background leads me to the resource that was at the heart of this conversation.  It’s an Open Educational Resources Repository.

Screenshot 2017-03-31 at 09.37.37

What started all this was, of course, the conversation about ExplainEverything and a number of  templates are available at this site along with other resources.

Things can be located by a search interface…

Screenshot 2017-03-31 at 09.37.14

I would encourage you to visit the site and poke around to see if there are some resources that are of use to you.  Hopefully, you’ll be successful and inspired to create some of your own.  There appears to be a submission option to share your masterpiece with others.

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  1. I’m so glad that this comment resulted in all of these connections! I love what’s already available here, and think it can only be made better by the contributions of others. I’m also glad this led you to Andrew’s blogs. The START, STOP, CONTINUE one is one of my favourites. I think it helps people think differently on various topics.


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