My last 10

Recently, Alec Couros issued this challenge:

If you were summed up by your last 10 tweets or FB posts, what would that look like?

That looked like an interesting challenge.

So, I dug into my Tweeting history and pulled out the past 10 Twitter messages

So, what do I see?

  • I follow a lot of smart people.  I have a few created messages that take the best of a Twitter list and puts in newspaper format and highlights some of the contributers.  There are five of these generated daily and all five are great to read.  
  • I had a give and take about the content of an article I had read about browser choice.
  • I follow “LIbraries” as a category on Flipboard and there was a recent article about book weeding.  I’ve had many a discussion with colleagues about Dora so was interested in just the headline.
  • Google Classroom is a popular LMS-ish platform for schools that have adopted Google for their classroom.  This was an interesting approach to a guide.

I could go back further but this was the latest 10.  I like what it looks like.  I know it’s obvious or I’d change up what I do.

Had I gone back further, you’d run into a post announcing a new blog post.

As for the Facebook connection, normally these would all be echoed there.  But, the events over the weekend pre-empted things just a bit.

So, what do you think?  Do you agree with my assessment?  How about yourself?  What do the last 10 social media entries that you’ve made look like?  I like Alex’ challenge and hope that others followup.  

If you do, please tag me so that I can check you out.

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7 thoughts on “My last 10”

  1. Doug, I enjoyed reading your last 10 tweets and FB posts, and I initially planned to comment here about mine: certain about what would be true. Then I looked, and I was surprised. I almost eliminated some, thinking that they “don’t count.” It was this point that made me realize I may have a blog post after all.


  2. Remember the advice “Think before you Tweet”? Obviously, if you Tweeted, you thought they were valuable at the time!

  3. My last ten Tweets are mostly links to my own blog, promotion of the CSTA T-shirt campaign, and links to things written by other people. But that is now. Other times there is more conversation than anything. Specifically I like to take part in Twitter chats. Ten is a small sample set and only a snapshot. An interesting one but not one I’d like to use to evaluate how I use Twitter. On the other hand that is probably about what others use to judge who to follow. Humm.

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