When it has to be old school

Ever since I wrote my post yesterday about typing, I’ve been thinking and monitoring the communications that I’ve had in my little corner of life.

I had an oil change done for the car and the technician did all the documentation and billing via computer.  He didn’t have to do much typing; every service that the garage could provide was available via menu and he just had to pick the ones that applied to me.  A quick scan revealed that it was accurate and so I paid it.

I got a rather long email from a friend that was dictated by him to his instance of Siri.  The email was readable, the message clear, but the actual words wouldn’t stand up all that well to a teacher with a red pen.

I did a bunch of texting with my family.  On my phone, I have a swiping input rather than hunting and pecking for letters.  For the most part, the swipe recognition did a good job.  It always gives legitimate words; it’s just that sometimes they’re the wrong ones.  On the other end of the conversation, I know from previous viewing that they would be one fingering typing their replies.  Sometimes it would be precise but other times not so much.  Regardless, the message came through.

Similarly, I had contact with a couple of friends over Facebook chat.  There wouldn’t be much difference there – I’d be using my swiping input and they’d be replying using their own keyboards.  One that I know for sure would be taping the keys.  There were a few emoticons use which certainly speeds the process and clarifies the message.

I gave voice directions to the driving assistant in my car.  This thing frustrates me at the best of times and yesterday was no difference.  However, the results were close enough that I could see the destination on the map; it got me close and I figured out the rest.  I know that I don’t have a pitch perfect voice so maybe this is a situation that I own.

I read some information on a whiteboard.  It was badly handwritten and I had to get really close to make out the words completely.  Message ultimately received.

Then, I wrote this blog post.  The bit of background that went into it was recorded on my phone for, as they say, playback at this time.  The final product – you’re reading it was created at the keyboard using the best keyboarding skills that I have.

As I started to create this post, I couldn’t help but think that it would be definitely “old school” in the big scheme of things in terms of the actual input.  It’s not using the latest and greatest of the input technology that’s available.  And yet, I think it will be complete in both form and content.  I’m happy with it.

In this case, old school is the best school.

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