Does your light shine?

It’s no secret that I love looking at a good map.

This one is no different.  Well, at least not in my interest of it.  It was how the map was created.

Using data obtained from Twitter.

Read about it in this article.  “How to Create Beautifully Detailed Maps Using Twitter Data“.

The article is a fascinating read and just makes using big data so relevant.  Imagine the volume of data obtained from six billion tweets!

I launched the map with the link provided in the article.  Beautiful image but I’ll confess that I had absolutely no idea what area of the world was being plotted!

But like any good digital map, I could zoom out and I did until I got my bearings.  Then, I zoomed out until I got the really big picture.

Of course, I had to check out Ontario.  So, it was out and over.

Screenshot 2017-03-20 at 07.39.58

OK, confess.  You just looked for your house, didn’t you.

It’s a fascinating tour of the world that opens up so many discussions about humanity; where it is; who’s connected; who isn’t.

Why not take a few moments and visit the site, zoom out, and see how many cities you can recognize by their Twitter use?

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2 thoughts on “Does your light shine?

  1. Ridonkulously much fun. Yes, I checked out my house, which did not have a green dot, though some of my neighbours did!


  2. I’m guessing it’s because you didn’t provide enough address data to pinpoint your exact house, n’est-ce pas?


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