Every now and again, I’ll have a spammer follow me on Twitter.  You know the type – either they’re the type that want to throw darts or worse at people or are trying to sell you followers.  Does anyone give any credibility to either acts?  I guess in some way I am by giving it this much thought.  If I catch them, I’ll block them and then report the account to Twitter.  That’s typically the last that I see of it.  Technically, I could go into my profile and see the accounts that I’ve blocked.  There’s not much to see, just the list.  The accounts do seem to still be active so perhaps my standards are different than Twitter’s.  Anyway, it really doesn’t give me a serious thought one way or the other.

Until it happened to me!

I was creating a list for my account the other day and found that I couldn’t find a particular account.  So, I went digging and ultimately found it.  The user had blocked me.  I found that so strange since we’d had so many positive interactions there and with other media.  Oh well.  I asked a mutual friend if he knew why this would have been happened.  He speculated on a couple of things but who knows for sure?

Could it be in Twitter’s reasons why you would want to report someone?

Screenshot 2017-03-15 at 10

I just let it drop until I had a conversation the other day with a friend who found that he had been blocked as well.  Just like me, this friend had no knowledge as to why.  We both came to the conclusion that the world will go on without these particular connections.

Of course, those who are Twitter savvy know that you can just log out and all of a sudden you can at least read the account.  It’s kind of creepy but if it matters that much…

What I find interesting is that Twitter gives you the ability to see a list of those people who you have blocked.  However, to find if you’re blocked from reading a particular account, you almost have to find it by accident.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to find the complete list of people who have blocked you?  Or maybe not.  Maybe sometimes it’s better to not know.

At the least, it might be a starting point to mending bridges.  Or, as we optimistically choose to believe, try to correct an inadvertent click that resulted in the block.

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