In the category of “I found this post too late for inclusion yesterday because Eva’s beat you to it and was ironically roughly about the same topic”, comes this post from Donna Fry.


It’s part of a meme that she’s been tagging me in all week for some reason.  I already blog regularly.  I already like my routine.  I’m not sure why I’d change it.

Anyway, as part of the meme, she had this post about “School” and asked:

What other words are holding us back in education?

I had a sense of what she was looking for but couldn’t help but think that education is its own worst enemy.

I tossed in the following words and my reply is waiting moderation so I’ll repeat them here.  It’s a good start for a most of my own inspired by her original.  Thanks, Donna.

  • Summative
  • Exams
  • Graduation
  • Certificate
  • Diploma

The common thread that runs through all of them are that the goal of education, at least by the jargon that we use, is to somehow be done with it.

Everything that education does is predicated on success that involves those words.

She wanted one word or I would have used a quote that my father was fond of:

“It’s all over but the shouting”.

What would school look like if we somehow removed those words from it?  Could we ultimately reach the state that Eva talked about in her post?

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