I trust:

that when I get to a four way stop, that the other three cars understand the rules for determining who gets to pass through next

that my bank will keep my account safe and secure from those who would do me financial harm

that my employer will keep my personal information secure, encrypted, and away from hackers

that when I turn my television on and watch it that it’s not watching back at me

that those extensions that I add to my internet browser aren’t capturing my personal information and sharing it with someone else

Actually, I trust a great deal more than that.

What do those quotations have to do with each other?

They are all the results of reading news this morning where trust was misplaced.

Do we place too much trust in others?

Author: dougpete

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2 thoughts on “Trust”

  1. Great question! My initial thinking is this: if we stop trusting, what does this say about our society? I worry about a world where lack of trust, and really fear, reigns supreme. Seems extreme, but if we start not trusting, I’m guessing this is what comes next.



  2. Trust? Why bother when you see articles like this:

    Latest WikiLeaks dump reveals CIA can hack computers, smartphones, even TVs

    Life nowadays has to be a balance between paranoia and convenience. If I want the luxuries of using a smart phone or a smart TV or an AI-type device (Echo, Google Home) I have to accept that I am compromising my privacy. No choice.


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