A lot of Windows

I swear, I own a piece of Microsoft.

Well, a small piece anyway.

I was playing around with a timeline maker and decided to create a timeline of the various versions of the Windows operating system.  I’ve had many love/hate moments over the years.  As I look back, I can see why.

It was a moving target as new features were added, changes made to add support for new technologies, and bug fixes/enhancements released.

I’ve ever run the server version of the software looking for that perfect solution.  Apparently, it doesn’t exist yet – we have a new release scheduled Windows 10 for this summer.

But, it’s all good.  I like to play around and learn new things.  It’s a little scary when I see older versions still in uses by businesses that I frequent.  When you follow progress, you realize how things have improved over that old clunker!

Here are my results.

It’s interesting to see frequency of updates/releases.  I don’t see a pattern.  I even created an Excel spreadsheet and did some scattergramming to see if I could get any insights.  Nope.

Anyway, it was an interesting experience.  The creation is available interactively here.

I used TimeToast to create the timeline.  It’s interesting to use; add an entry with the time and it does the plotting for you.  The results can be displayed in a graph or list form and there are a couple of options for displaying the graph.

There are paid versions of the program available if you need the extra features.  If you can get away with the restrictions of the free version, it allows you and students the power to create a timeline quickly.


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