Who matters to you?

Angela Maiers’ and my paths have crossed a number of times over the years.

I can recall the two of us being invited as media at the Microsoft Partners in Learning event in Washington.  We sat in the front row and I learned just as much from my conversation with her as anything else from event.

I’ve been in the audience to hear her presentation.

At the Western RCAC, we invited Angela to keynote the event with us.  We shared ketchup potato chips (she didn’t like them) and a fierce London winter storm with her.

Throughout, she’s been consistent with her message “You Matter“.

Unlike many keynote speakers, whose message is essentially “I’m smarter than you are and here’s why…”, Angela encourages all to look at your inner genius.

Now, there’s a way to share that message with others who matter to you.  How about sending them a Mattergram?

You can access it from the Choose2Matter website or directly through the Mattergram site.

For my Ontario Educational blogging friends …you matter.

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