This is why we do it

I was actually out of town yesterday but my phone was still connected to back home. It was getting a workout with notifications.

The whole thing started innocently enough…for me anyway.

It was in last Friday’s This Week in Ontario Edublogs post here that I took a real interest in a post by Debbie Donsky.  She had a rather long title for it “Listen with Compassion and Act with Love The Roles We Play and the Impact We Have as Educators“.  It was a rather long post, consistent with the length of the title.

It caught the blog reading eye of Aviva Dunsiger who shared her thoughts…

… a nice reply by Debbie…

As a result, Aviva was inspired to write a post based on her thoughts inspired by the original post.

This Is My Story. What’s Yours?

I enjoyed reading both posts.  They represent the thinking of two passionate educators.

Stepping back from the posts, I can’t help but think about the bigger social media part of all this.  I know Aviva personally and through her interactions online; I know Debbie but only from her thoughts that she elects to publish.  I can’t comment on whether the two ladies know each other.

But what made this all happen?

It wasn’t like the two of them happened to sit down together at a school staff meeting.  It wasn’t even something more social than sitting together at a coffee shop.

Instead, it was one person who decided that she would share her thoughts with the world.  Then, it was another person who happened to find the post, promoted it, and then was inspired to write a blog post of her own.  It’s the sort of professional dialogue that education has wanted to have for years.

How many times have we all sat in a lecture hall or district provided PD and listened to a certain extent to someone who talks, gets their money, and then goes home?  Interaction optional.

This whole interaction between the two of them wasn’t passive.  It was incredibly interactive and brought anyone who was connected into its midst.  Although my phone was beeping and vibrating, I couldn’t be part of it in real time.  It was only when I got home and got caught up that I found it.  That’s OK too; we can’t be online 24/7.  If you weren’t part of it on Sunday, follow the links above.

I can’t help but ponder over how many other great thoughts and sharing goes on; but by policy or choice, it resides behind some school district’s wall of protection.

Had Debbie originally written and posted her thoughts that way, the world would never have had the choice to read and reflect about her message.

Both messages didn’t get vetted by a superior officer and there was no disclaimer that “this message doesn’t reflect the values of anyone else”.  It was just two professionals speaking from the heart.

Isn’t this just a great wakeup message for those making decisions?

3 thoughts on “This is why we do it

  1. What a fantastic point, Doug! Debbie and I don’t know each other, and it’s only through Twitter, Instagram, and occasionally, blog posts that we connect. If it wasn’t for your weekly post, I’m not sure that I would have seen Debbie’s post in the first place. It was then her reply to me that inspired me to go beyond a comment, and blog. I have to really applaud connectors here, like you, that help these further discussions happen. Even if you don’t always realize it, you are at the centre of so much. Thanks Doug! Once again, I’m grateful for Twitter interactions, public blogs, and the never-to-be-underestimated, value of a reply. It is all of these things that made one blog post much more than that!


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  2. She beat me to it, again! I’m looking so forward to diving into this conversation. I was in my off-the-social-grid place for part of the weekend, so I really appreciated the signpost this morning. Doug, I agree with Aviva that if it were not for the “fellowship of the open spokes” , as our friend Rodd Lucier has named it, we would miss so many powerful connections. You are a charter member of that fellowship, and whenever I manage to connect two people through ideas, I always feel like I’m modelling what you continue to teach me.

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  3. So much this! In the past few days you and Mike Zaman sky have both referenced blog posts of mine. Besides appreciating the link I even more appreciate the expansion of the communication. Mike’s post was a pretty direct response to one of my post and really added a lot to the topic. This sort of cross linking and responding really makes a difference.

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