First Nations Language Resource

Yesterday’s post about Amazing Dictionaries took me on an interesting digital trip.  It, of course, took me to the Moose Cree talking dictionary.  There was so much interesting information to be learned there.

Of course, I wondered – is there more?

The answer is a definite yes.

The First Nation Help Desk from Atlantic Canada has its own collection of resources assembled in dictionary format – and more.

Of course, there’s a dictionary.  It’s presented in a pretty traditional format.

and comes with answers that you’ll find in a traditional format.

But there’s more.

Individual words are interesting but it gets more important when they appear in sentences.  So, you’ll next check out the Vocabulary sets.

And, conversation sets become more powerful when you have a chance to interact with those conversations.  Check out the series of lessons.

Extend the concept to songs.

The navigation bar takes you even further.  Books, posters, and prayers are all there.  Not only will visitors get a respect for the language but the use will give an insight to the culture.  This is definitely a terrific addition to your materials dealing with First Nations.

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