Quality of Teacher or Something Else?

French immersion is a real elephant in the educational room. Throughout Canada, there’s a huge increase in the number of families wishing to have their child taught in such a program.  There are all kinds of reasons: since Canada is bilingual, it only makes sense there’s an element of prestige attending these programs there’s aContinue reading “Quality of Teacher or Something Else?”

OTR Links 02/09/2017

xkcd: Focus Knob xkcd: Focus Knob https://t.co/qvB3OXh0Xz — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) February 9, 2017 tags: IFTTT Twitter via:packrati.us Twitter RT @akgtCanada: We’re sharing the amazing experiences + reflections of Canadian JK-8s at tags: via:packrati.us Rewriting their narratives: local libraries are becoming hubs of technology – CBC News – Latest Canada, World, Entertainment and Business NewsContinue reading “OTR Links 02/09/2017”