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Beyond Blogging – Peter McAsh

As mentioned on Monday, I’d like to try something a little different so please hang in there with me.

You know that I’m a big fan of Ontario Educators and their blogging efforts.  I have no intention to drop that because there are so many that have poured their deepest thoughts into personal blogs and continue to do so.  A look through the Livebinder will show you the wit and wisdom of so many.  It continues to grow and I fully intend to continue with my Friday TWIOE posts.

But there are some great things that appear other than in the traditional blog.  I’d like to take this week to identify and share other media that is being used to share thoughts.  It’s certainly not complete but should serve as a nice inspiration for you to consume and, hopefully, branch out to something different for yourself.

Since we’re in education, we know that there have to be rules.  So, my rule in order to make this list was that you have to show evidence of doing multiple things in the media.  I think we’ve all done one ofs.  Those are experiments.  Do it more frequently and it becomes a series and makes it eligible for this series.  Hey, my blog, my rules.

Peter McAsh

The Bring IT, Together conference is now but a fond memory.  But, you can relive the best moments you had, visit the moments that you missed because of the timetable, or just enjoy the content if you were unable to attend.

Now, to be truthful, Peter isn’t the creator of all of the content.  He is, however, the person behind this initiative.

His role on the committee was that of “Social Media Expert” which pretty much gave him license to do whatever he wanted to in that domain.  He took to it via Twitter, creating and encouraging blog posts for the website, and then organizing a spot on Facebook, which is the focus of this post.

Lots of people start a Facebook page for conferences.  It’s done with the hope that everyone in attendance will contribute and make it a great collection of resources.  Most of the time, that approach fails even though it sounded like a good idea at the time.  So, Peter took upon himself to make it work.

If you have a Facebook account, you may periodically get a message that “so and so is live” or “so and so was live” on Facebook.  My experience with this has been frustrating.  There have been a lot of tests or 20 second quickies as dinner is served at a restaurant or some one’s kid comes onto the ice before a hockey game.  Other than the fact that folks are using a bit of their device data, there isn’t a great deal there to interest me.  Peter has made it worthwhile and worth the time for a visit and then, most certainly, revisits.

You can visit the page at

There, you’ll find so much of the good stuff that delivers on the promise of social media.



and a nicely curated collection of resources from the conference.

But, he doesn’t stop there.

He’s continually stirring the pot and the thinking of educators who have liked this page with readings about educational technology from around the web.  

Here’s a peek into what he has scheduled to appear just today.  As an aside, I see three that will give me notifications during dog walks.

What’s really of interest here, and should be a model to other conference organizers, is the amalgamation of the various media in one spot.  In addition, the content is constantly updated with things new and relevant.

If you’re interesting in seeing what Facebook offers other than cat videos, Peter’s work here is worth a serious look.

Make sure you’re following Peter on Twitter at:  @pmcash


Please share your thoughts here. I’d enjoy reading them.

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