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Beyond blogging – Rolland Chidiac

This week, I’d like to try something a little different so please hang in there with me.

You know that I’m a big fan of Ontario Educators and their blogging efforts.  I have no intention to drop that because there are so many that have poured their deepest thoughts into personal blogs and continue to do so.  A look through the Livebinder will show you the wit and wisdom of so many.  It continues to grow and I fully intend to continue with my Friday TWIOE posts.

But there are some great things that appear other than in the traditional blog.  I’d like to take this week to identify and share other media that is being used to share thoughts.  It’s certainly not complete but should serve as a nice inspiration for you to consume and, hopefully, branch out to something different for yourself.

Since we’re in education, we know that there have to be rules.  So, my rule in order to make this list was that you have to show evidence of doing multiple things in the media.  I think we’ve all done one ofs.  Those are experiments.  Do it more frequently and it becomes a series and makes it eligible for this series.  Hey, my blog, my rules.

Rolland Chidiac

I got the inspiration for doing this actually during my interview for Rolland Chidiac’s podcast.  As he was conducting the interview, I was making notes to myself so that I could hopefully answer his questions in a meaningful manner.  I just happened to review the notes the other day and found that I have made a “note to self” but never followed through on it.  So, a little belatedly, here it is.

Thanks to Rolland for the inspiration to do this.

I thought I’d start this series with a tribute to him and my ego said that I should use my interview with him as the ground breaker.  Off I went only to find…

Jeepers.  I didn’t think that it was that bad.

I headed over to his blog to find that the podcast exists at a different URL.

All of his podcast interviews are available here.

It’s an interesting approach.  In addition to listening to the podcast, he takes the opportunity to embed the link to each podcast into a blog post.  That lets him have the “last word” where he gives a quick summary of what to expect should you decide to listen to the podcast.  For example, he had interviewed Jonathan So and that resulted in this post.

And you’ll note that there’s a link to listen to the Podcast at the bottom of the post.

In addition to linking to the Podbean which hosts the original podcast, he also makes the interviews available via iTunes in a collection he calls “Rolland Chidiac Connects

Whichever approach you take, you’ll undoubtedly find something of interest for your ears.

While you’re at it, follow Rolland on Twitter as @rchids.


2 responses to “Beyond blogging – Rolland Chidiac”

  1. This series of yours intrigues me because I cannot think of at least 5 different ways to blog. So far, I’ve got podcasting, Sketchnoting, maybe a graphic novel/comic option (not sure if anyone has actually done this, and if it varies from Sketchnoting), vlogging, and ….??? This is where I’m stuck. I wonder if Twitter/microblogging or Storifying would count, but I’m not sure if it would. So I’m going to be eagerly awaiting your posts all week to see how right (or wrong) I may be. This game is fun! 🙂 Excited to see what you share … and a great start! I love Rolland’s podcasts.


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  2. Such fun, and a great challenge! I’m hoping the Clever Sheep ends up here….and Aviva, I suppose you could do a Flipboard series, or maybe display your thoughts using an Adobe Spark? Or a thread on Voxer? I’m intrigued, too. Nominating Royan’s Podcast for Pedagogues series, which makes me happy.

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