Recently, I had the need to create a maze.

I suppose that I could have done it manually but, in this day and age, I didn’t need to.

When I went looking, I ran into this entire page devoted to making Puzzles at Discovery Education.

Consequently, I’m passing it along.  Every now and again, you need a puzzle created on your terms rather than one created by someone else that you end up repurposing.  So, I’m suggesting that you poke your way through this and see if this fits a need or a potential need that you might have.  If that’s the case, just bookmark it and bring it back on demand.

There’s a nice selection of puzzles available that you create to your specifications.

They’re quick and easy to create.  You make them for your own specific needs. 

You can’t have it better than that.

And, the price is right too.

1 thought on “Puzzling

  1. I used to make mazes on graph paper. A great way to spend time while some teacher is droning on and on about some boring topic like maths. Apparently there are ways to keep busy in class without a phone. 🙂

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