Experimenting with the planet

Some things just come out of the blue and get me hooked immediately.  Such was the case with Land Lines, a Chrome Experiment.

Make sure that you can allocate an appropriate amount of time to play around with this experiment!

You start with two options – draw or drag.

Both are addictive but in different ways.

With draw, it’s just a matter of drawing a line on the screen.  The logic behind this experiment then looks in Google Earth for an appearance of that line in its collection of images.

I started with my teacher tool.  The checkmark.  Over and over I entered it and enjoyed the results of things that looked like checkmarks.

I decided to go with the checkmark that can be seen from this airport.

Next is drag.  The speed and variety of drag is quite impressive.  As you drag your cursor across the screen whether by mouse or by finger, this experiment tries to stay with you, dropping imagery into place.

To quote Mr. Spock, “Fascinating”.  It’s quite impressive how things line up – usually rivers but not exclusively.


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